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They are currently available on Google Play (some game are available on IOS too).

“Some time ago an old professor travelled around the world searching for the most amazing enigmas. He solved and wrote all of them in an old book: the Book of Enigmas. But, we don’t know how, he lost his book. And now, you found it! Are you ready to open it and try to solve all his enigmas?”

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New games coming soon!

Hello folks!

Long time we don’t write here.

We have been so busy but great news are coming.

Soon we will be releasing some games (old Balofo games) on IOS and maybe Windows phone too!

Hmmmm, but I guess this is not enough for us.

We have 2 new games almost ready to be published!!! Yeap… 2!!!

We don’t know when they will be live, but we are working hard for it! (game 1: 90% done; game 2: 70% done)

And we are preparing some tutorials and tips for programmers, artists or game lovers.

That’s all for now.

Don’t forget to check it out our games here!

Keep playing, keep touching!

Just a few news about new games and development steps… check it out our games on balofogames.com.br