The Hangman

Genre: Casual, Puzzle, Family

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The Hangman, the classic game, but with a lot of categories, thousands of words and some new features. Each correct answer gives you some points.

Earn points and level up! Can you have a higher level than your friends? Challenge them to beat your current level!

Some categories: fruits, verbs, objects, outer space, cartoon, periodic table, musical instruments, countries and provinces, movies, gemstone, colors, sports, profession, teams from the UEFA Champions League...


• over 2000 words... and more coming!

• lot of animations that makes your game more fun and cool

• lot of challenges... are you good enough for them?

• choose your difficulty: easy, medium and hard

• share your current level and points with your friends

• everybody can play it...young or old people

• warning: incredibly addictive and fun!